I heard Kris Allen’s Alright With Me on Ultimate GOOM for the 1st time after it’s been added to rotation! Woot!

So Kris’ Alright With Me has officially been added to rotation on Ultimate GOOM today and I caught it right after I got home from work! YAY! It was the first time I heard AWM on Ultimate GOOM outside of Shelley Rome’s show! :)

Thanks to Jive’s ~heavy promotion, it almost felt like a spiritual moment to hear Kris’ latest single on the radio. All I can say is :’)

Ultimate Radio URI:
Long – http://www.goomradio.us/#page=/radio/ultimate-radio
Short – http://bit.ly/uradio
Twitter – @UltimateGOOM

It happened on December 20 2010 19:20 GMT+0800 :’) :’) :’) And I remembered to click the little thumb up button too :’) :’) :’)
Kris Allen Alright With Me played spin on GOOM Radio Ultimate GOOM radio station

10 thoughts on “I heard Kris Allen’s Alright With Me on Ultimate GOOM for the 1st time after it’s been added to rotation! Woot!

  1. hey !! just stop by to say that I love this site very much!! i dont have wordpress but I’ve bookmarked this for sure :) I also always waiting for my local radio stations to play his songs. cant wait for the 2nd album too! xDD

    • Thanks! I just heard Alright With Me on Ultimate GOOM two more times today! YAY!

      You can use the subscription form on the bottom of the right side bar to get email notification when I update the web site :)

      Thanks again!

  2. really ?? some of the stations may have played it but since I rarely listen to radio (LOL) so I missed it >3< but never fail to vote him in any polls! (i think so xD) I did what you told me, thanks! I will get updates from this site now! :D

    • You are welcome, and thanks for subscribing! I don’t listen to radio either, but ever since Ultimate GOOM started playing AWM I found it quite addictive to just tune in and try to catch the spin! LOL

      And since it’s an online radio station, I can tune into it at home or at work so it’s no trouble. It works on some mobile devices too!


  3. Hey thanks! You just introduce me a good website! xD I prefer to listen radio online by the way :) and ohh ohh you see that, on Ultimate Radio, Kris Allen is coming up on the list! YAY! *too excited*

    • You’re welcome! I don’t have like, a *real* radio so online radio is the only way for me. And I like how GOOM doesn’t require us to have real player or windows media player to listen to the station because I use a Mac and often have trouble when it comes to other online radio stations.

      Yeah I caught that spin too! Which was my 4th AWM spin outside of Shelley’s show. YAY! Did you click the thumb up button? I hope they will keep spinning AWM when enough people tell them they like the song!

      I tweeted about it on my Twitter too, so hopefully other people caught the spin too! :D Hearing the song on radio makes me so happy \o/\o/

  4. Yeah! I feel so utterly happy its my first time visit the website and there’s AWM on the list! xD Of course I click the thumbs up button :D but hey, nothing happen yea? It just, I click it over and over, but dont know whether it works or not :3

    I also having problem listening to other radio station that requires blah blah setting, so thanks to GOOM :D
    I really hope they will keep playing it too ! :)

    Oh I’m rarely on twitter but think of following you there xD
    I love the beginning where the clapping hand sound, u know >w<

    • It’s fate! :D

      Did the thumb turn green in color after you clicked it? If not, tell me which browser you were using and I’ll inform the station. Clicking it a second time would “un-thumb-up” it though, jsyk :)

      The song is really catchy isn’t it? Hey if you are interested in music discussion you can head over to http://krisallenmusic.livejournal.com/, it’s a new community built by @ArtistSupporter to discuss Kris’ music.

      Well if you do follow me on Twitter give me a shout so that I know it’s you :) Lots of good stuff happen on Twitter (Kris news, free stuff giveaway etc.) so you might wanna consider it! But I talk about Adam on Twitter too (Adam and Kris are 99% of what I tweet about) so it’s ok if you don’t wanna follow :)

  5. OMG really?? but I remember it turns green..ops, hope I’m not un-thumb-up it coz I cant forgive myself if that happen. LOL xD
    Yeah the song is so catchy! I keep playing it on my mobile :) and thanks for the LJ website, I will check it out for sure :D
    I will tweet you once I followed you ^^ hope u will remember me haha. wow thats a lot things happen there!! Hey fyi I also follow adam and I dont have problem with his fans yet. I ship KrAdam and even using kris and adam together as my FB profile picture :D

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