Photographers and Kris Allen photos wanted

Most of the peeps who follow me on Twitter already know this, but I thought I would make a new post to centralize the information.

If you are a photographer / fan (or both) who owns good quality Kris Allen photos, please consider giving me the permission to use your photos of Kris for promotional purpose.

The projects

  • Include but not limited to concert flyers, charity project posters, web site banners, Twitter backgrounds, wallpapers etc. For some examples of the promo projects me and my friend @orchidas have done, click here.

The photos

  • The more the merrier.
  • The larger the better, preferably no smaller than 600 x 400 pixels at 72dpi.
  • Not too blurry, but it’s okay to be slightly out of focus, I might be able to fix that with some editing.
  • Preferably without watermarks, but I might be able to compromise depending on the location and size of the watermark. However, more often than not, a watermarked photo does not look good as flyer or banner so it’s likely that I won’t use your photos if you insist they be watermarked.

The photographers

  • I will credit the photographers by placing their names/handles on the photos, and/or mentioning them in the blog post, and/or linking to their web sites, whichever method suits the project the most.
  • Since these promotional projects are grassroot fan effort, the photographers will NOT receive commission of any kind. Meaning, you are providing these photos to me for free. I will not share your original-sized, unwatermarked photos with anyone without your permission.

The how

  • Send me the link to your online photo album by emailing KrisAllenHK *** gmail *** com and tell me how you would like to be credited. Some people prefer using their real names, some people prefer using their Twitter usernames, some people prefer using something else altogether; it’s all good, just tell me what you prefer.
  • If your online photo album only contains scaled down photos and you have the originals somewhere on your computer, please mention it in your email. Original photos are highly useful when it comes to printable flyers.
  • If you don’t have an online photo album, or the originals of your photos are too large to be emailed, or if you have any questions regarding this whole thing, shoot me an email anyway and I’ll try my best to sort everything out with you.

3 thoughts on “Photographers and Kris Allen photos wanted

  1. You have my permission to use my Kris pix, as long as I am credited and you let me see wht you create with them ;) I think you already know where to find them…

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