Kris Allen DonorsChoose Guitar Drive Pay It Forward Raffle

Remember the Kris Allen DonorsChoose fundraiser that was birthed from the theft of his guitar? 65 fans have donated a total of US$2,135.00 so far and 1,527 students have been reached! If you haven’t donated yet, or are able to donate more, here is a new initiative to help more kids get their musical instruments!

Kris Allen Fans Unite to raise money for in the name of Kris Allen's stolen guitar

A tweet from Kris’ awesome fan @bushy0tailed explains the Kris Allen DonorsChoose Guitar Drive Pay It Forward Raffle

Enter any and all friends and family into a raffle for Kris Allen’s new CD when it comes out! The recipient will be able to choose between a physical CD pre-order or digital pre-order.

  1. Donate $10 to ANY project on Kris Allen’s giving page at DonorsChoose. If you want to enter multiple people, you can do it all with one donation and one email. For example, if you want to enter 5 people, just donate $50 and in your forwarded email give me the info for each of your 5 honorees.
  2. Forward your donation confirmation to *no later than midnight Central Time on Wednesday, August 17 (that’s exactly 1 week from today!)*
  3. In your forwarded email, provide the following information:
    • The name of the person you’re entering (twitter/online names are sufficient).
    • A method for contacting this person (an email address would be great, but a Twitter name will work too).
    • Optionally, your reason for entering this person – if provided, it will be shared with your honoree.
  4. I will contact your honoree and let them know they’ve been entered into the drawing and give them with an entry number. Your gift will remain anonymous.
  5. On August 18, I will announce the winning number on Twitter.

If you have any questions about the fundraiser or raffle, please tweet @bushy0tailed or email accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Amazon Payments. That means you can donate no matter where you live!

Remember you can also help spread the word about the fundraiser and the raffle by mentioning them on your journals, your blogs, your favorite forums – wherever you see fit. You can also send the information to journalists / web sites that cover music / entertainment / charity news (no spamming, please).

Promotional banners can be founded here, use them wherever you want! If you need new sizes, leave a comment here or tweet @KrisAllenHK.

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