Why you should listen to WISE RADIO

WISE RADIO Real Artists Real Music

  1. Not only do they play tons of Kris Allen, they also play a lot of other great (and often underrated) artists. If you’re like me and can’t stand most of the songs on the so-called Top 40, you’d probably like this station too! (I’ve personally discovered a bunch of new artists through this station and I love that.)
  2. They also take requests from Twitter, so you can follow @WISE_RADIO, see when the DJs are online and tweet them your requests.
  3. Because this station is listened by people who appreciate real artists and real music, if you request Kris’ songs you’re helping introduce him to other music fans!
  4. Kris and his fellow songwriters get paid royalties when his songs are played on the radio. So there really is no bad anywhere!

Don’t forget to thank them and click the thumbs up button when they play a song you like! If you’re able to, consider becoming a VIP member to help support WISE RADIO (see screen cap below)!

Listen to WISE RADIO on Live365’s web site or via their desktop players, mobile players or on devices like TiVo and Sony. If you’re using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, search for Live365 on the App Store.

Clicking the thumbs up button and becoming a VIP. Click to enlarge.
How to use WISE RADIO on Live365

One thought on “Why you should listen to WISE RADIO

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