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Because Kris Allen is the sweetest thing and has some of the best fans in the universe…

Look what Kris did after hearing about the postcards!

Thank you, Kris, you are so sweet! I really look forward to meeting you in person one day soon…you better be touring to Asia soon after your album drops…preferably to Hong Kong… :)

And thank you, @kradamantium! Not only did you give us one of the hottest Kris Allen videos of all time, you also told Kris about the postcards and took this adorable picture of him–um, trying to re-enact the pose on the postcard…lol…I love it!

You’re awesome, thank you! <3

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Charity auction: bid on two meet & greet passes plus concert tickets to any Kris Allen show worldwide!

From the auction page:

What’s included: 2 tickets that will be left at will call to any upcoming public show worldwide in 2012 that has tickets sold to the public as well as radio station shows. This auction also includes a 2 person meet & greet with Kris.

100% of the proceed will benefit City of Hope, an independent biomedical research, treatment and education institution in the fight to conquer cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.

Look for these Kris Allen postcards at The Mint LA!

[Updated with photos of postcards at the venue, also, look what Kris did after hearing about the postcards! :D]

Because I’m really excited about Kris’ new show and his new music, and I really wish his management would do more to promote him, I’m paying out of my own pocket to have 250 Kris Allen postcards printed and shipped to The Mint, which should be available starting from Tuesday or Wednesday. (I’ll update this post once the postcards have been shipped.) and you can see the postcards in action in the photos embedded below!

Since it’s the first time I work with this particular printing company in LA, the colors could be a bit off from the original design, and I had to change the layout a bit to fit everything into a 6″ x 4″ postcard, but I hope they won’t look too bad.

Why postcards, you ask? Well, they’re small and easy to carry around; people who already know Kris can get him to autograph on them at the show; people who don’t know who he is can grab a card and look him up later although not much is updated or available at his official web site.

So, grab a few of them if you’re going to the show; ask your friends to mail you a couple if you can’t make it…do whatever you want. The Mint might throw the rest away so take as many as you want before the night is over!

Kris Allen live at The Mint LA concert poster flyer

Via @snapcracklypop
Kris Allen live at The Mint LA concert postcards

Via @mikeanthony1978
Kris Allen live at The Mint LA concert postcards

Alternative Kris Allen The Mint concert poster

So…here is the other design that I entered into the contest. I really prefer this one over the winner, but I knew it wouldn’t get chosen because it would give people who are not familiar with Kris the wrong idea about the kind of music to be expected at the show.

Having said that, I really do love this picture of Kris by FourThirteen Photography, so I made a couple of prints for my own enjoyment :) It’s also been the wallpaper of my iPhone and 2 Macs ever since the design was born. To be honest, I never truly appreciated the beauty of my iPhone’s Retina display until I was viewing this poster with it.

A high resolution Kris Allen on my iPhone 4S = the best thing ever.

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Kris Allen The Mint concert poster flyer

Kris Allen The Mint concert poster flyer

15 questions with Kris Allen! Kris shows off his dance moves!

This is part two of his ClevverNews interview (click here for part one). I may or may not have looped the video at 04:05-04:10 and stared at them hips…

Please remember to “Like” the video and leave a comment on the video page if you enjoy it :)

Long URI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NJOiackRgQ
Short URI: http://youtu.be/2NJOiackRgQ

Please help complete this anonymous, 5-question Kris Allen survey

This survey is 100% anonymous. Data collected from the survey will be used to help better promote Kris.

Please also help ask other Kris fans to fill out this survey if you can. The more participants the better! Thank you!

Clickable link: Go!

Long link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_US&formkey=dGpRX3pFWWZlbXdLcDQ0QVRvd2xvc0E6MQ

Short link: http://j.mp/wbXNXY

Have a badass!Kris for your time :D

badass Kris Allen in sunglasses

In West Hollywood, California May 17, 2010. Apega/WENN.com

Kris Allen talks to ClevverNews about new album (vinyl!), tour, photo shoot and more; Toby Knapp talks Kris’ new single and song leak

Kris gave us some tentative release dates in this interview – May/June for the album and late February for the single! \o/

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Long URI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAdp-YbVytM
Short URI: http://youtu.be/wAdp-YbVytM

Toby Knapp also has some details on the recent song leak, Stand For The Vision Of Love, for the Kris fans. Quoted from his article here:

“Kris’ new album is almost done & this is one of the songs that we’re super psyched about… and is in the running to be the first single. Because the original version of “The Vision Of Love” is uptempo Kris thought it would be cool to… on the down-low… experiment with some fresh, unexpected remixes… the producers we’ve approached have all been really into the song… and it seems like this trance remix team from Finland called Maison & Dragen just got a little over-excited with their version.”

Read the full article for info on the upcoming single.