Kris Allen raps Gangsta’s Paradise, acoustic style.

Updated with videos!

I don’t even have words to describe the epic, ok. Kris’ show at Santa Rosa tonight was CRAZY. But the best of it all was that HE FRIGGING RAPPED GANGSTA’S PARADISE, ACOUSTIC STYLE, DUDE. I just LOVE this guy.

Remember you can watch on YouTube for higher quality and to increase view count! Please also thank the videographers on YouTube and Twitter!

@snapcracklypop‘s version:

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@Aims1018‘s version:

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@h2oconvo‘s version:

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@bubbywub‘s streamed version:

Thanks to @bubbywub and @orchidas, here is the mp3 download of the performance, as well as a YouTube version (audio only) for your entertainment. The kick-awesome gangsta art was also made by @orchidas :D

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MP3 download from @orchidas:

Kris Allen Promo Art – Dec 3 at 96.5 TIC’s All Star Christmas in Wallingford, CT

Feel free to pass it around! Email to friends and family, post online, tweet it, use as Twitter background, Facebook it, pin it to public notice boards… spread the word! :)

More info:
Event link on KAO:
Event link on 96.5 Tic:
Buy tickets:
Twitter list:

Photographers: @TimeOfDaffodils | @brandnewshoes1
Art: @orchidas

Click image to enlarge. Click here for Twitpic version.

Kris Allen Promo Art - 96.5 TIC's All Star Christmas in Wallingford, CT!/orchidas/status/10738362839212032

Kris Allen Alright With Me Gifting Friday

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Seeing that the label hasn’t done much to give him the promotion he deserves, Kris Allen fans are taking matter into their own hands.

Kris Allen fans are gifting his new single Alright With Me this Friday, November 5, 2010, for a mass sales push.

You don’t have to be actually mass gifting to be on this list. Buy a copy for your parents. Your friends. Or even yourself. Imagine each Kris Allen fan buying just 1 copy of AWM off iTunes on Friday. Think of the impact and message it will send to the label (which is totally lacking in the marketing department).

Since we have so many gifters already, if you run out of people to gift, you can always purchase duplicates for yourselves, like I did. EVERY PURCHASE COUNTS!

Lists updated on Nov 8 2010 with 40 gifters, and @ArtistSupporter alone has gifted 320+! Woot!
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