Kris Allen Graphic Set – Y.O.R.

Graphic Sets are basically a bunch of stuff of the same design / style that you can use however you want, wherever you want, whenever you want – as long as it is non-commercial.

I made these in the hopes that you will use them to promote Kris, such as putting them on your web site, posting them on Facebook or Twitter, using them as your Facebook or Twitter avi, Twitter background etc. There is also a high resolution version included that you can print out and pin it wherever you want – cafes and public notice boards come to mind, but you can get creative about it as long as the end result is good for Kris.

Obviously I can’t – and I have no desire to – control how you use them. But I do hope you enjoy them, and that you will help spread the word :)

You can leave a comment here or tweet @AdamLambertHK2 to request new items from this graphic set :)

Photographer: @bubbywub
Art: @KrisAllenHK / @AdamLambertHK2 (same person)

This one shown below is 495×640.
Also available in 773×1000, 773×1000 twitpic version, and 300dpi letter size (good enough for professional print).
Kris Allen Graphic Set flyer design art banner

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Kris Allen Twitter background – Dec 5 shows at Miami Dolphins Tailgate and Mix105.1 Holiday Soiree

Feel free to pass it around! :)

More info:
Event link on KAO:
Event link on Mix 105.1:
Buy tickets at Houses of Blues:

Photographer: @bubbywub
Art: @KrisAllenHK / @AdamLambertHK2 (same person)

504 x 800 pixels at 72dpi.

Click image to enlarge. Click here for Twitpic version.

Kris Allen Twitter background Miami Dolphins Tailgate Mix105.1 Holiday Soiree