Kris Allen’s guitar got stolen, and it’s a good thing (sort of)

Updated August 11 2011: Kris tweeted about the fundraiser because he is awesome like that (see end of post for the two new tweets). Also, there is a Kris Allen DonorsChoose Guitar Drive Pay It Forward Raffle! \o/

Uh, no, not really? For someone who loves creating and playing music so much that he makes a living from it, I can’t even begin to imagine how pissed off and sad he must be. I suppose it’d be like someone stealing my computer – you know, the one with Photoshop and Illustrator installed where I do all my work.

However, because Kris has the best fans who are geniuses and overall kick-awesome, @bushy0tailed has turned this negative event into something positive by setting up a giving page at, where fans can channel their anger and frustration love for Kris and his beloved guitar into donations to kids who could not otherwise afford the equipments they need for music education.

At the time of this post, US$1,338.00 has been raised but I believe we can do so much more. The campaign has only been promoted on Twitter so far and we need the help of Kris’ fans all over the world to spread the word on your journals, your blogs, your favorite forums – wherever you see fit. You can also send the information to journalists / web sites that cover music / entertainment / charity news (no spamming, please).

Feel free to grab the banners and use them wherever you want. If you need new sizes, leave a comment here or tweet @KrisAllenHK.

Photographer: @bushy0tailed
Art: @KrisAllenHK / @AdamLambertHK2 (same person)

Kris Allen Fans Unite to raise money for in the name of Kris Allen's stolen guitar

Kris Allen Fans Unite to raise money for in the name of Kris Allen's stolen guitar