Alternative Kris Allen The Mint concert poster

So…here is the other design that I entered into the contest. I really prefer this one over the winner, but I knew it wouldn’t get chosen because it would give people who are not familiar with Kris the wrong idea about the kind of music to be expected at the show.

Having said that, I really do love this picture of Kris by FourThirteen Photography, so I made a couple of prints for my own enjoyment :) It’s also been the wallpaper of my iPhone and 2 Macs ever since the design was born. To be honest, I never truly appreciated the beauty of my iPhone’s Retina display until I was viewing this poster with it.

A high resolution Kris Allen on my iPhone 4S = the best thing ever.

Click to enlarge:
Kris Allen The Mint concert poster flyer

Kris Allen The Mint concert poster flyer