Kris Allen pictionary video screen captures. Also, I can has Tumblr

I’ve just started posting some of the Kris things I made on my Tumblr Consciously Creating.

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Screen capped from this brilliant video made by Adam Viera.

Kris Allen announces new single The Vision of Love in a pictionary game screen captures

Kris Allen reveals new single “The Vision of Love” via a pictionary game with his friends

Because Kris is adorable like that.

Original video on WhoSay:

Here is a YouTube version for those of you who have trouble viewing the WhoSay video:

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Kris Allen Dubstep Christmas (video) (updated with MP3 and iPhone ringtone download)

I love when Kris is in LA. Looks like he’s having tons of fun with his friends John Brunson (@Brunsonbear), Ramsy Shuffield (@ramsyshuffield) and Adam Viera (@AdamViera)!

Video made by Adam Viera and released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

In case you’re wondering about Kris’ stache, here is why

A 320 kbps MP3 can be downloaded here, and an iPhone ringtone can be downloaded here, both made by yours truly.

Old video re-watch: Kris Allen covers Maybe (MP3 download)

This is the best live recording of Kris covering Maybe that I can find. From his June 23, 2010 show at Rialto in Tucson, AZ.

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MP3 ripped with videographer’s permission:

Old vid re-watch: Kris Allen To Make You Feel My Love acoustic live at State College

Updated with correct video.

One of my favorite Kris Allen live performances EVER.

From Kris’ State College show on September 2, 2010. I didn’t rip this MP3 myself.

I’ve always thought the MP3 was ripped from @kt_cle/kmt8871’s video (the second one embedded below), but I just found out that it’s actually from kradamantium‘s video. Song starts at 1:20, enjoy!

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Kris Allen Debuts New Song You Got A Way (with videos and MP3 downloads)

Kris debuted a new song called You Got A Way at his Clarkston, MI show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre tonight. The song was written by Kris with a little help from his friend Cale.

This is the first good quality video that surfaced, courtesy of @RanaNYC.

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Another video with better audio and less chatty people, courtesy of @Kristen8108.

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This video from @Altrus01 isn’t the best in visual quality, but the audio is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

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MP3 download (ripped with permission from videographer)
MP3 of You Got A Way ripped from @Altrus01‘s video by @KrisAllenHK: (stream)


Lyrics (my guess only, probably not very accurate)
I know that I’m goin’ away but I’ll be back soon
There’s things I gotta do
So don’t you leave me there
Give me that come back stare
‘Cause you know I’m not that strong
Need to say goodbye, but every time I try
Something you do pulls me back into you
So tell the driver please
That I’m not gonna need his services tonight, no

‘Cause you got a way of making me stay
You got my heart in your hands
You got a way of saying my name
That I can’t resist
You got a way with me

No matter how I try
I just can’t say goodbye
I see that smile that makes me stay for awhile
So when I gonna leave
Into the autumn trees turn from red to winter gray
(that’s what I said)

You got a way of making me stay
You got my heart in your hands oh
You got a way of saying my name
That I can’t resist
You got a way with me
No I can’t resist
You got a way with me

@TheDirtyMinds have a post up on their blog where they invite people to post their guesses at the lyrics.

Kris Allen Body Appreciation 12

Today’s Kris Allen Body Appreciation image is a screencap from Kris’ Petapalooza Las Vegas show which took place on April 10 2010.

Videographer: cspannie. From her Send Me All Your Angels video here.

Focus areas: biceps (tan line!), shoulders, face, hair… this whole image is PERFECT!

Click to enlarge.
Kris Allen sexy UNF biceps arms tan line closed eyes white shirt hat photo Petapalooza Las Vegas