Kris Allen Leave You Alone lyrics wallpapers

Kris Allen Leave You Alone lyrics wallpaper

Lyrics: @insidethisnight (used with permission)
Photo: @newland21 (used with permission)
Art: @KrisAllenHK / @AdamLambertHK2 (same person)

Photo from the 2009 American Idol Summer Tour’s Wilkes-Barre, PA show.
Lyrics from the live performance of Leave You Alone at The Mint on February 9, 2012. Kris’ made some changes to the song, including a new verse that was never performed before.

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Old video re-watch: Kris Allen covers Maybe (MP3 download)

This is the best live recording of Kris covering Maybe that I can find. From his June 23, 2010 show at Rialto in Tucson, AZ.

Please “like” the video and tell brandibunn1 how much you enjoy the recording!

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MP3 ripped with videographer’s permission:

Old vid re-watch: Kris Allen Alright With Me Unofficial Music Video

Do you remember this unofficial music video that Kris and his friends made to thank his fans? It never fails to put a big smile on my face :)

Click the “Like” button and leave a comment on the video’s page to let Kris know how much you love the video!

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Old vid re-watch: Kris Allen To Make You Feel My Love acoustic live at State College

Updated with correct video.

One of my favorite Kris Allen live performances EVER.

From Kris’ State College show on September 2, 2010. I didn’t rip this MP3 myself.

I’ve always thought the MP3 was ripped from @kt_cle/kmt8871’s video (the second one embedded below), but I just found out that it’s actually from kradamantium‘s video. Song starts at 1:20, enjoy!

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Kris Allen Debuts New Song You Got A Way (with videos and MP3 downloads)

Kris debuted a new song called You Got A Way at his Clarkston, MI show at the DTE Energy Music Theatre tonight. The song was written by Kris with a little help from his friend Cale.

This is the first good quality video that surfaced, courtesy of @RanaNYC.

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Another video with better audio and less chatty people, courtesy of @Kristen8108.

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Short URI:

This video from @Altrus01 isn’t the best in visual quality, but the audio is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

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MP3 download (ripped with permission from videographer)
MP3 of You Got A Way ripped from @Altrus01‘s video by @KrisAllenHK: (stream)


Lyrics (my guess only, probably not very accurate)
I know that I’m goin’ away but I’ll be back soon
There’s things I gotta do
So don’t you leave me there
Give me that come back stare
‘Cause you know I’m not that strong
Need to say goodbye, but every time I try
Something you do pulls me back into you
So tell the driver please
That I’m not gonna need his services tonight, no

‘Cause you got a way of making me stay
You got my heart in your hands
You got a way of saying my name
That I can’t resist
You got a way with me

No matter how I try
I just can’t say goodbye
I see that smile that makes me stay for awhile
So when I gonna leave
Into the autumn trees turn from red to winter gray
(that’s what I said)

You got a way of making me stay
You got my heart in your hands oh
You got a way of saying my name
That I can’t resist
You got a way with me
No I can’t resist
You got a way with me

@TheDirtyMinds have a post up on their blog where they invite people to post their guesses at the lyrics.

Old Vid: Kris Allen performs acoustic The Truth at 107.9 (mp3 and video)

Updated Feb 18 2011: Now with adorable!Kris screen captures! :D

The video was originally posted by 107.9 The End on April 15 2010 but I haven’t seen it until very recently. I just have to post it here. Kris’ vocals melt my heart, that is all.

Remember you can watch on YouTube for higher quality and to increase view count! Please also thank 107.9 The End on YouTube and Twitter!

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Download MP3 (without banter, ripped by yours truly):
8.8MB / 256kbps

Download original .flv video:
47MB / 480p / 4:59

Download .mov video (without banter, converted by yours truly):

I heard Kris Allen’s Alright With Me on Ultimate GOOM for the 1st time after it’s been added to rotation! Woot!

So Kris’ Alright With Me has officially been added to rotation on Ultimate GOOM today and I caught it right after I got home from work! YAY! It was the first time I heard AWM on Ultimate GOOM outside of Shelley Rome’s show! :)

Thanks to Jive’s ~heavy promotion, it almost felt like a spiritual moment to hear Kris’ latest single on the radio. All I can say is :’)

Ultimate Radio URI:
Long –
Short –
Twitter – @UltimateGOOM

It happened on December 20 2010 19:20 GMT+0800 :’) :’) :’) And I remembered to click the little thumb up button too :’) :’) :’)
Kris Allen Alright With Me played spin on GOOM Radio Ultimate GOOM radio station

Kris Allen GOOM Radio interview plus Alright With Me added to rotation!

Updated Dec 20: I caught a spin of Alright With Me! YAY!

GOOM Radio is awesome sauce. Not only did Shelley Rome gave us a funny interview with Kris (embedded below), she also made Kris’ latest single Alright With Me her pick of the week and played it during her show between Dec 13-17.

And even better, Alright With Me will now be added to regular rotation on Ultimate Radio (one of the stations of GOOM Radio) and she is giving away a signed Kris Allen poster on Monday, Dec 19 2010.

Shelley has been really great with us Kris fans and she tweets us back and everything (see tweets embedded after the video). So I say we tune in to her show as often as possible to show some support and gratitude.

Other than tweeting @GOOMRadio / @UltimateGOOM and @ShelleyRome to let them know how much we appreciate them, it is also important to click the little thumb up button on the album cover on the left side of this page while Alright With Me is being played. It tells the station how popular the song is.

GOOM Radio logo

Shelley Rome’s show schedule:
Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 5:00pm EST
(Since Alright With Me is added to rotation, we can hear it outside of Shelley’s show, but we can tune in to her show to thank her for supporting Kris)


Ultimate Radio URI: or

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Kris Allen Music Discussion: Live Like We’re Dying

So I forgot to tell you guys that Sherrie has already posted her first Kris Allen music discussion posts over at Kris Allen Music’s Live Journal. The first 2 posts discuss Kris’ first and platinum-selling single Live Like We’re Dying and can be found here and here.

The journal is still very new and I’d like to encourage you guys to go join in the discussion as well as help spread the word. You can find some web site banners here.

What is “Kris Allen Music”?

Kris Allen Music web site button banner

Old vids rewatch: beautiful Kris Allen acoustic set from Petapalooza Las Vegas, April 10 2010

Updated Dec 17 2010: MP3 of Send Me All Your Angels ripped and added for download with permission from videographer cspannie.

This is an absolutely beautiful set. Awesome visual and sound, minimal screaming (which is rare, so THANK YOU LAS VEGAS), Kris looking pretty and biceps on prominent display. Daymn. There were more songs from the set but the videos I found aren’t very good so I’m just posting these ones.

Watch on YouTube for 720p HD and also help to increase view count. Please thank the wonderful videographer cspannie while you are there! :)

Send Me All Your Angels
Long URI:
Short URI:
MP3 download: 256 kbps 6.5MB on MediaFire

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Kris Allen raps Gangsta’s Paradise, acoustic style.

Updated with videos!

I don’t even have words to describe the epic, ok. Kris’ show at Santa Rosa tonight was CRAZY. But the best of it all was that HE FRIGGING RAPPED GANGSTA’S PARADISE, ACOUSTIC STYLE, DUDE. I just LOVE this guy.

Remember you can watch on YouTube for higher quality and to increase view count! Please also thank the videographers on YouTube and Twitter!

@snapcracklypop‘s version:

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@Aims1018‘s version:

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Short URI:

@h2oconvo‘s version:

Long URI:
Short URI:

@bubbywub‘s streamed version:

Thanks to @bubbywub and @orchidas, here is the mp3 download of the performance, as well as a YouTube version (audio only) for your entertainment. The kick-awesome gangsta art was also made by @orchidas :D

Long URI:
Short URI:
MP3 download from @orchidas:

The most UNF Kris Allen video of ALL TIME: Don’t Look Back In Anger at Stage College

So I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched this and feeling like I needed a cold shower right after… I didn’t post it until now because I thought every Kris Allen fan in existence has already seen it. Apparently I was wrong. So here you go. UNFness overload (watch till the end).

Watch on YouTube for higher resolution and to increase view count.
(Main focuses 00:15, 01:15, 02:40)
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Short URI:

Bonus video from the after party which I haven’t seen until today. Enjoy! :D

Watch on YouTube for higher resolution and to increase view count.
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Kris Allen’s Everybody Wants to Rule The World/The Way You Make Me Feel mashup from San Francisco, CA, Nov 21

I swear Kris is getting better and sexier by the DAY.

Available in 720HD! Stunning quality! Everyone go thank @TeamAims for the AWESOME video! :D

Watch on YouTube for better quality and to increase view count, also don’t forget to rate and comment! :)
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Kris Allen debuts new song Leave You Alone at his Portland show (MP3s included)

Updated November 8 2011: I have received a DMCA Notice that demands me to remove the MP3 downloads of Leave You Alone. As far as I know, Kris and his band never had a problem with fans sharing live recordings of their performances with the rest of the world (for example, people who can’t attending their live shows – coming to Hong Kong soon, Kris?), so what does this mean? Well, my guess is that Leave You Alone might be released as a single soon. I could be dead wrong, but the last time something like this happened to any artists I pay attention to, it was around the time Adam Lambert released If I Had You as a single. I really love Leave You Alone, and I especially love that Kris was the one who wrote it, so if Kris indeed releases it as his first single from his second album, that would be totally awesome!

Updated December 20 2010: better lyrics added!

The song is written by Kris Allen and Cale Mills and is called Leave You Alone.

Watch on Youtube to increase view count, rate and comment! :)
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Lyrics and MP3 download after the jump!
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Kris Allen Alright With Me Gifting Friday

This post will be updated as new information and art become available. Please bookmark and check back often, or follow @AdamLambertHK2 on Twitter for updates.

Seeing that the label hasn’t done much to give him the promotion he deserves, Kris Allen fans are taking matter into their own hands.

Kris Allen fans are gifting his new single Alright With Me this Friday, November 5, 2010, for a mass sales push.

You don’t have to be actually mass gifting to be on this list. Buy a copy for your parents. Your friends. Or even yourself. Imagine each Kris Allen fan buying just 1 copy of AWM off iTunes on Friday. Think of the impact and message it will send to the label (which is totally lacking in the marketing department).

Since we have so many gifters already, if you run out of people to gift, you can always purchase duplicates for yourselves, like I did. EVERY PURCHASE COUNTS!

Lists updated on Nov 8 2010 with 40 gifters, and @ArtistSupporter alone has gifted 320+! Woot!
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Kris Allen Opening For Lifehouse at O’Reilly Event Center, October 29, 2010

Non-plaid + tight pants + gum-chewing + choreography = UNNNNNF KRIS!!!!!!

Set List
Written All Over My Face
Can’t Stay Away
Red Guitar
Alright With Me
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Is It Over
Live Like We’re Dying
Come Together

Alright With Me
3:19!!! LOL
By mzbet1. Available in 720HD.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World
By mzbet1. Available in 720HD.

Is It Over
By debbironnebaum. Available in 720HD.

I Need a Kris Allen Acoustic Album


To Make You Feel My Love – Memphis, TN – Oct 28 2010
by transplant42

I Need To Know – Memphis, TN – Oct 28 2010
by transplant42

Kris Allen covers Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time

Kris Allen is GOLD. That is all. He is also THE sexiest, most adorable, most precious American Idol EVER.

This is Kris’ fave song to sing in the shower. (^v^)

October 2009 Bosom Ball (acoustic)
Partial but can see Kris’ adorableness clearly

Close to stage

October 2009 Miami Dolphins tailgate

October 2009 Q102 At Seton High School (short)

December 31 2009 Live @ B.B. Kings. Lounge in the MIrage in Las Vegas (I don’t like this one because the audience kept talking during the performance, but we can see Kris’ happy feet clearly. So.)