Old vid re-watch: Kris Allen Alright With Me Unofficial Music Video

Do you remember this unofficial music video that Kris and his friends made to thank his fans? It never fails to put a big smile on my face :)

Click the “Like” button and leave a comment on the video’s page to let Kris know how much you love the video!

Long URI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7HBgIOoeVg
Short URI http://youtu.be/E7HBgIOoeVg

I heard Kris Allen’s Alright With Me on Ultimate GOOM for the 1st time after it’s been added to rotation! Woot!

So Kris’ Alright With Me has officially been added to rotation on Ultimate GOOM today and I caught it right after I got home from work! YAY! It was the first time I heard AWM on Ultimate GOOM outside of Shelley Rome’s show! :)

Thanks to Jive’s ~heavy promotion, it almost felt like a spiritual moment to hear Kris’ latest single on the radio. All I can say is :’)

Ultimate Radio URI:
Long – http://www.goomradio.us/#page=/radio/ultimate-radio
Short – http://bit.ly/uradio
Twitter – @UltimateGOOM

It happened on December 20 2010 19:20 GMT+0800 :’) :’) :’) And I remembered to click the little thumb up button too :’) :’) :’)
Kris Allen Alright With Me played spin on GOOM Radio Ultimate GOOM radio station

Kris Allen GOOM Radio interview plus Alright With Me added to rotation!

Updated Dec 20: I caught a spin of Alright With Me! YAY!

GOOM Radio is awesome sauce. Not only did Shelley Rome gave us a funny interview with Kris (embedded below), she also made Kris’ latest single Alright With Me her pick of the week and played it during her show between Dec 13-17.

And even better, Alright With Me will now be added to regular rotation on Ultimate Radio (one of the stations of GOOM Radio) and she is giving away a signed Kris Allen poster on Monday, Dec 19 2010.

Shelley has been really great with us Kris fans and she tweets us back and everything (see tweets embedded after the video). So I say we tune in to her show as often as possible to show some support and gratitude.

Other than tweeting @GOOMRadio / @UltimateGOOM and @ShelleyRome to let them know how much we appreciate them, it is also important to click the little thumb up button on the album cover on the left side of this page while Alright With Me is being played. It tells the station how popular the song is.

GOOM Radio logo

Shelley Rome’s show schedule:
Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 5:00pm EST
(Since Alright With Me is added to rotation, we can hear it outside of Shelley’s show, but we can tune in to her show to thank her for supporting Kris)


Ultimate Radio URI:
http://www.goomradio.us/#page=/radio/ultimate-radio or

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Kris Allen Alright With Me Gifting Friday

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Seeing that the label hasn’t done much to give him the promotion he deserves, Kris Allen fans are taking matter into their own hands.

Kris Allen fans are gifting his new single Alright With Me this Friday, November 5, 2010, for a mass sales push.

You don’t have to be actually mass gifting to be on this list. Buy a copy for your parents. Your friends. Or even yourself. Imagine each Kris Allen fan buying just 1 copy of AWM off iTunes on Friday. Think of the impact and message it will send to the label (which is totally lacking in the marketing department).

Since we have so many gifters already, if you run out of people to gift, you can always purchase duplicates for yourselves, like I did. EVERY PURCHASE COUNTS!

Lists updated on Nov 8 2010 with 40 gifters, and @ArtistSupporter alone has gifted 320+! Woot!
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Kris Allen Opening For Lifehouse at O’Reilly Event Center, October 29, 2010

Non-plaid + tight pants + gum-chewing + choreography = UNNNNNF KRIS!!!!!!

Set List
Written All Over My Face
Can’t Stay Away
Red Guitar
Alright With Me
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Is It Over
Live Like We’re Dying
Come Together

Alright With Me
3:19!!! LOL
By mzbet1. Available in 720HD.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World
By mzbet1. Available in 720HD.

Is It Over
By debbironnebaum. Available in 720HD.