Kris Allen pictionary video screen captures. Also, I can has Tumblr

I’ve just started posting some of the Kris things I made on my Tumblr Consciously Creating.

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Screen capped from this brilliant video made by Adam Viera.

Kris Allen announces new single The Vision of Love in a pictionary game screen captures

Kris Allen reveals new single “The Vision of Love” via a pictionary game with his friends

Because Kris is adorable like that.

Original video on WhoSay:

Here is a YouTube version for those of you who have trouble viewing the WhoSay video:

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Listen to Kris Allen’s new single The Vision of Love here!

[Updated with two more videos]

Kris said the new single would be announced on March 4, but RCA Records broke the news today and tweeted that the new single is The Vision of Love and TRIPLE YAY because I love that song! It’s already been played on a couple of radio stations and you can listen to it in the video embedded below.

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Some people reported that Sony has very helpfully blocked the video above, so here are two more in case that first one doesn’t work for you:

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(Fan made) Kris Allen Stand for the Vision of Love album cover and lyric art

Flickr is really bad at compressing artwork automatically. Please click for larger, higher quality versions:
Fan made Kris Allen Stand for the Vision of Love album cover

Fan made Kris Allen Stand for the Vision of Love lyric art

Photo: @calevis24
Art: @KrisAllenHK / @AdamLambertHK2 (same person)