15 questions with Kris Allen! Kris shows off his dance moves!

This is part two of his ClevverNews interview (click here for part one). I may or may not have looped the video at 04:05-04:10 and stared at them hips…

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Long URI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NJOiackRgQ
Short URI: http://youtu.be/2NJOiackRgQ

Kris Allen talks to ClevverNews about new album (vinyl!), tour, photo shoot and more; Toby Knapp talks Kris’ new single and song leak

Kris gave us some tentative release dates in this interview – May/June for the album and late February for the single! \o/

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Long URI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAdp-YbVytM
Short URI: http://youtu.be/wAdp-YbVytM

Toby Knapp also has some details on the recent song leak, Stand For The Vision Of Love, for the Kris fans. Quoted from his article here:

“Kris’ new album is almost done & this is one of the songs that we’re super psyched about… and is in the running to be the first single. Because the original version of “The Vision Of Love” is uptempo Kris thought it would be cool to… on the down-low… experiment with some fresh, unexpected remixes… the producers we’ve approached have all been really into the song… and it seems like this trance remix team from Finland called Maison & Dragen just got a little over-excited with their version.”

Read the full article for info on the upcoming single.


New old interview of Kris Allen from Allentown

This interview was from September 3, 2010 when Kris performed at Allentown. I’m posting this because I cannot stop staring at his perfect body. LOL.

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Short URI http://youtu.be/UrI_SKUUv7M
Long URI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrI_SKUUv7M

Kris Allen GOOM Radio interview plus Alright With Me added to rotation!

Updated Dec 20: I caught a spin of Alright With Me! YAY!

GOOM Radio is awesome sauce. Not only did Shelley Rome gave us a funny interview with Kris (embedded below), she also made Kris’ latest single Alright With Me her pick of the week and played it during her show between Dec 13-17.

And even better, Alright With Me will now be added to regular rotation on Ultimate Radio (one of the stations of GOOM Radio) and she is giving away a signed Kris Allen poster on Monday, Dec 19 2010.

Shelley has been really great with us Kris fans and she tweets us back and everything (see tweets embedded after the video). So I say we tune in to her show as often as possible to show some support and gratitude.

Other than tweeting @GOOMRadio / @UltimateGOOM and @ShelleyRome to let them know how much we appreciate them, it is also important to click the little thumb up button on the album cover on the left side of this page while Alright With Me is being played. It tells the station how popular the song is.

GOOM Radio logo

Shelley Rome’s show schedule:
Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 5:00pm EST
(Since Alright With Me is added to rotation, we can hear it outside of Shelley’s show, but we can tune in to her show to thank her for supporting Kris)


Ultimate Radio URI:
http://www.goomradio.us/#page=/radio/ultimate-radio or

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Kris Allen on Billy Bush Show video and screen caps (graphic intensive)

ETA Nov 22: now with wallpapers! :D /ETA

It was a good interview (hey! Kris was actually ASKED ABOUT HIS MUSIC and they actually TALKED ABOUT HIS NEW SINGLE!) and Kris was wearing a very distractive, very sexy shirt and his biceps kept bouncing and everything, so I couldn’t help but made a bunch of screen caps. Not the best quality but I wanna brand these images of Kris wearing this shirt in my brain forever, ok.

Available in 720p -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSqLK4zsOzI

Kris Allen Billy Bush Show interview screen cap chest arms biceps sexy tee t-shirt pictures

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