Next week: one-hour Kris Allen feature on WISE RADIO

Remember I told you about how awesome WISE radio is before? Well the fine folks who run the station decide to be even awesomer and do a one-hour feature on Kris next week! YAY!

They’ll play Kris’ songs during the feature, talk about him on their Twitter account, and give out prizes such as Kris’ CDs and autographed posters (see end of post for a list of prizes – more might be added later)!

Time and date: (setup a reminder on your phone or Google calendar so that you don’t forget!)
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 – 1 PM ET (see world clock and countdown clock)
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 – 9 PM ET (see world clock and countdown clock)
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 – 1 AM ET (see world clock and countdown clock)

How to tune in to WISE radio using your web browser:

  1. Register a FREE account on Live 365’s web site;
  2. After registering and logging in, go to WISE radio’s page here;
  3. Click on the play button on the left, under the album artwork;
  4. Enjoy!

How to tune in to WISE radio using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones, TiVo, Windows Media Center, etc.:
Follow the instructions on this page.

Optional – joining their discussion on Twitter, sending them feedback on the songs they play, supporting them by becoming a VIP member:

  • WISE radio is run by a bunch of friendly people, anyone is welcomed to tweet them and chat with them on their Twitter account, as long as you are polite to them and other listeners;
  • When a song is playing, you can click on the thumbs up or thumbs down button to send your feedback to the station;
  • If you are able to, consider becoming a VIP member to support their station. They play a lot of Kris songs and take requests on their Twitter accounts regularly.

Click to enlarge.
How to use WISE RADIO on Live365

Prizes: (more might be added later!)

  1. Kris Allen 13-track debut albums (physical CDs);
    • (shipped worldwide, winner responsible for import duty/tax if outside of US.)
  2. Kris Allen 13-track debut albums (digital downloads from iTunes);
    • (winner must have UK iTunes account.)
  3. Kris Allen 14-track, 6-video deluxe version albums (digital downloads from iTunes);
    • (winner must have US iTunes account.)
  4. Kris Allen autographed posters;
    • (shipped worldwide, winner responsible for import duty/tax if outside of US.)
  5. Kris Allen gift certificates for shopping on his official web site.

Spread the word so that more people will know about this special feature and tune in with us!

Why you should listen to WISE RADIO

WISE RADIO Real Artists Real Music

  1. Not only do they play tons of Kris Allen, they also play a lot of other great (and often underrated) artists. If you’re like me and can’t stand most of the songs on the so-called Top 40, you’d probably like this station too! (I’ve personally discovered a bunch of new artists through this station and I love that.)
  2. They also take requests from Twitter, so you can follow @WISE_RADIO, see when the DJs are online and tweet them your requests.
  3. Because this station is listened by people who appreciate real artists and real music, if you request Kris’ songs you’re helping introduce him to other music fans!
  4. Kris and his fellow songwriters get paid royalties when his songs are played on the radio. So there really is no bad anywhere!

Don’t forget to thank them and click the thumbs up button when they play a song you like! If you’re able to, consider becoming a VIP member to help support WISE RADIO (see screen cap below)!

Listen to WISE RADIO on Live365’s web site or via their desktop players, mobile players or on devices like TiVo and Sony. If you’re using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, search for Live365 on the App Store.

Clicking the thumbs up button and becoming a VIP. Click to enlarge.
How to use WISE RADIO on Live365

I heard Kris Allen’s Alright With Me on Ultimate GOOM for the 1st time after it’s been added to rotation! Woot!

So Kris’ Alright With Me has officially been added to rotation on Ultimate GOOM today and I caught it right after I got home from work! YAY! It was the first time I heard AWM on Ultimate GOOM outside of Shelley Rome’s show! :)

Thanks to Jive’s ~heavy promotion, it almost felt like a spiritual moment to hear Kris’ latest single on the radio. All I can say is :’)

Ultimate Radio URI:
Long –
Short –
Twitter – @UltimateGOOM

It happened on December 20 2010 19:20 GMT+0800 :’) :’) :’) And I remembered to click the little thumb up button too :’) :’) :’)
Kris Allen Alright With Me played spin on GOOM Radio Ultimate GOOM radio station

Kris Allen GOOM Radio interview plus Alright With Me added to rotation!

Updated Dec 20: I caught a spin of Alright With Me! YAY!

GOOM Radio is awesome sauce. Not only did Shelley Rome gave us a funny interview with Kris (embedded below), she also made Kris’ latest single Alright With Me her pick of the week and played it during her show between Dec 13-17.

And even better, Alright With Me will now be added to regular rotation on Ultimate Radio (one of the stations of GOOM Radio) and she is giving away a signed Kris Allen poster on Monday, Dec 19 2010.

Shelley has been really great with us Kris fans and she tweets us back and everything (see tweets embedded after the video). So I say we tune in to her show as often as possible to show some support and gratitude.

Other than tweeting @GOOMRadio / @UltimateGOOM and @ShelleyRome to let them know how much we appreciate them, it is also important to click the little thumb up button on the album cover on the left side of this page while Alright With Me is being played. It tells the station how popular the song is.

GOOM Radio logo

Shelley Rome’s show schedule:
Monday – Friday 12:00pm – 5:00pm EST
(Since Alright With Me is added to rotation, we can hear it outside of Shelley’s show, but we can tune in to her show to thank her for supporting Kris)


Ultimate Radio URI: or

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