Kris Allen Gifts

Where to get Kris Allen’s music if you can’t afford them

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford buying songs / albums and sometimes, even though you can afford them, you might not know an artist well enough to want to spend money on them. Fear not, for there are many generous people in this world who gift music freely.

Apart from Sherrie Richey MD who gifts music and show tickets regularly (see this blog post), Kris fans come together to participate in gifting projects from time to time (see Alright With Me Gifting Friday). Your best bet would be to follow @ArtistSupporter and @KrisAllenMusic on Twitter if you would like to participate in such projects (either to gift or request gifts – both are welcomed).

IMPORTANT: Because Sherrie supports many different artists, she has a certain gifting schedule. Follow her on Twitter (see links above and at the bottom of this page) to find out when she is gifting Kris’ music.

How to ask @ArtistSupporter / @KrisAllenMusic for gifts

I see lots of people who just ask Sherrie to gift them music without bothering to read her other tweets. Sherrie probably doesn’t mind it but personally I think it’s kind of ungrateful. Sherrie has a lot of interesting things to say and I love it when she pimps out her artists (the artists that she supports, that is).

Anyhow, ungrateful people are ungrateful and I can’t / don’t want to change them, but at least read this if you want to be gifted music (show tickets are done differently which will be talked about when Sherrie gifts them again).

When you email Sherrie at sdljroller[AT]

  • Put the artist’s name and your US iTunes email address in the subject line (she supports many artists so if you are not clear in your email you might get something else);
  • Put your US iTunes email address again in your email body;
  • Put NOTHING ELSE in your email body, no smileys, no signatures, no nothing;
  • All emails with junk (smileys, signatures, and I imagine images and special formatting as well) will go to her spam box and she WILL NOT fish them out.

Sherrie is very busy and she gifts a lot of music regularly. Please at least try to be considerate and make things easier for her, and in turns make things easier for yourself because if your email got swallowed by the spam filter, you ain’t getting nothing either.

Important links

Here are Sherrie’s twitter accounts again:

You can help spread the words by putting promotional banners on your blog / web site:
Banners and buttons for Kris Allen Music

Kris Allen Music banner

Have a Krummy for your time!

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